The Mystique

A Tomorrow without Me

This poem is written in the POV of an orphan child who's a victim of bullying.


A tomorrow without me,
The world would never stop its spree,
From everyone, I want to flee,
To a distant island and be free.

Cutting my chains,
I'll become a butterfly,
I'll spread my wings and fly,
Away from this land, which is awry.

I need a magic door,
A doorway that can take me away,
I want to be all alone,
Where I need not groan.

To that island, where there are no people,
Where your appearance is not your feeble,
Where there is no darkness,
Where there is no sadness,
Where there is no hatred,
Where the world is not parted.

I wonder if anyone notices my absence,
It should not make any difference,
Sun shines in the valley like everyday,
Wind plays with the dried leaves tomorrow and today,
Schoolmates go to school without any bother,
My so-called friends will live like nothing has changed altogether.

Or, would it be simple if I never existed?
If I never persisted?

A tomorrow without me,
The world would never stop its spree,
From everyone, I want to flee,
To a distant island and be free.


Share your thoughts about the poem. And also, share your views about how we can stop bullying.

A Sonnet for Suicide Committers

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Hasn't your brain played on you
Several times, some silly prank?
Such as in an important exam
Making you go completely blank...

And you losing your cherished dream
Of achieving the first rank...
Then into the depths of the ocean
Of depression you sank...

With,to get saved by holding on to
Not even a wooden plank!
You watch, as what had to be yours
Is taken by others with a fierce yank...

No,you aren't yet down and out...
Because your mind is a memory tank!
On which,at any time of utmost need
You can most reliably bank!

You are your own inspiration!
In your determination, never be lank!
Remember, nobody died of hard work!
Victory will surely be on your flank!

Let the machinery of your mental prowess
Roll on ceaseless, shaft and crank!
Let it never shut down
With a loud, unconvincing clank!

Accumulate new ideas, for without them
Your precious mind may go dark and dank!
Stop not till the goal is reached, for when it is,
You'll have only yourself to thank!!!

The Reflection of a Lost Soul

Her eyes so deep,
Deep enough to lose yourself if you peep;
Millions of stories they behold,
Which always remain untold.

Dressed in red,
To impress in bed;
Unsterlized needles made her dread,
Underneath her body, she's dead.

Shredded in clothes,
Mending her sore wounds;
Covered in make up,
To mask her scars.

There she lied,
In the heartless man's lap;
Her identity hidden,
Between her legs.

She looked into the mirror,
Seeing the reflection of her lost soul,
A voice echoed softly,
"Why can't someone love me?"

Because she's a prostitute?

Microtales which Touch Your Heart

Micro-tales tell an entire story in just a few words and sometimes, leaves the interpretation to the reader. Microfiction is one of the best ways to express the thought waves of the author in simple, yet a very powerful way.

Here goes my humble attempt to pen a few. Hope you'll like them. Also, read 7- Microtales you can't Miss

A Tribute to Teachers

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A Tribute To Teachers...

You're the ones
Who script our fate
Your lessons make 
Our minds create.

No matter the doubts
Small or great
You try your best, always
Us, to your level, elevate.

With equations and graphs,circuits and waves
Our eager brains you intoxicate
The ideas that spring out therefrom
On no scale can we rate.

O, the quality of thoughts
That in our minds you stimulate!
They always help us
To keep up to date.

No matter the marks we get
You, we would never hate
You're loftier in fame than all others
Because our hunger for knowledge you satiate.

The Simple Truth of Life

"Hate" has four letters, so does "Love".

"Temple" has six letters, so does "Mosque" or  "Church" have.

"Negative" has eight letters, so does "Positive".

"Hurt" has four letters, so does "Heal".

"Failure" has seven letters, so does "Success".

"Anger" has five letters in it, so does "Peace".

"Rich" has four letters, so does "Poor".

"Cheat" has five letter, so does "Trust".

"Hurt" has four letters, so does "Help".

"Fake" has four letters, so does " Real".

"Fear" has four letters, so does "Risk".

"Lose" has four letters, so does "Gain".

"Sad" has three letters, so does "Joy".

Your attitude and how you perceive things will define your life !!